Lisa’s Story…

My name is Lisa and my journey towards becoming a trichologist began when I was seven years’ old.

I was faced with the sudden arrival of a skin condition that covered my entire body and scalp, this had been triggered by the measles virus.

My grandparents kindly took me to multiple doctors, dermatologists, Chinese herbalists and even a faith healer!  None of it worked.

I was told that I had psoriasis on my scalp which led to years of unpleasant medical treatments and made me very self-conscious.


Hair Loss isn’t something you have to suffer

For years I thought that there was nothing I could do about my ‘condition’.  I felt considerable empathy towards people who were suffering with hair and scalp conditions and finally decided to study to become a consultant trichologist.

During my training, I received a clinical consultation from my clinical trainers.  Within half an hour, they unravelled a thirty-eight year mystery for me.  

They showed me that I never had psoriasis on my scalp.  Instead I actually had seborrhoeic dermatitis, which was solved with just two subsequent applications of a specific shampoo!

If you are feeling worried or frightened about your hair loss or scalp condition – I believe I can help you.  At Hair Clinical, you will find a warm welcome, empathy and professional approach to help you love your hair again!

Hair Clinical’s mission is to help you fall in love with your hair again.

We are Pembrokeshire’s first and only accredited Trichology Clinic, boasting a full ‘In House’ diagnostic and therapy suite which includes Laser Therapy, Digital Imaging Consultations, Steam Therapy, Laboratory Diagnosis, Micro Needling, Scaly Scalp Treatments, Hair Loss Stabilising Solutions and much more. 

The most important thing for our patients is that they are in the hands of a fully qualified, IAT certified and accredited trichologist. 

The clinic was set up by Consultant Trichologist Lisa Thomas in 2019.

Lisa trained under International Association of Trichologists founder members Joanne and Frank Cunningham.

Hair Clinical was set up with our patients in mind.  We know just how much confusing information is out there when it comes to hair and scalp issues.  Many of our patients come to us after they have tried everything else.  For us, it’s all about diagnosing the problem and then sorting it out.

Hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent – in many cases we can fix it.

Contact us today and take the first step towards loving your hair again.

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