We are Committed to Your Hair

Your hair is part of your identity and is crucial to how you feel about yourself.  No two people are the same and no two people will have the same hair or scalp concerns.  That is why we approach each consultation on an individual basis. 

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Are you experiencing:

  • Hair loss or hair thinning?
  • Seeing more of your scalp than you used to?
  • Genetic balding?
  • Ponytail thinner than before?
  • More hair in the plug hole after having a shower?
  • Excessive hair in your hairbrush?
  • Itchy or flaky scalp?
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Our Mission: To help you fall in love with your hair again.

We are Pembrokeshire’s first and only accredited Trichology Clinic, boasting a full ‘In House’ diagnostic and therapy suite which includes Laser Therapy, Digital Imaging Consultations, Steam Therapy, Laboratory Diagnosis, Micro Needling, Scaly Scalp Treatments, Hair Loss Stabilising Solutions and much more. 

The most important thing for our patients is that they are in the hands of a fully qualified, IAT certified and accredited trichologist. 

Latest news from the Hair Clinical Desk

Hair Clinical Make National Award Finals!

We are absolutely delighted to tell all of our patients some wonderful news during these rather dark times.  Last month, our little team entered the Aesthetic Medicine awards.  This was a written submission covering multiple aspects of our clinic and business across...

National Hair Loss Awareness Month

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What is scalp micro-pigmentation (or SMP)?

What is scalp micro-pigmentation (or SMP)? SMP is a form of less invasive scalp tattoo also called Tricho-pigmentation that can be used on both men and women to camouflage areas of the scalp that are thinning. It is a non-surgical procedure where a carbon pigment is...

The scalp micro-pigmentation process

The Process. Step 1 - Make an appointment. The first stage is a consultation with Lisa our Consultant Trichologist I.A.T. In this session we can discuss your expectations and suitability or indeed any other hair-loss solutions. (we will often do SMP in conjunction...

Grease Lightning!

Emma Tennick, Clinic Manager at Hair Clinical, explains what leads to greasy hair.   Oily or greasy hair can be a problem for many people, especially those with fine, straight hair. However, these hair oils (or to give it its correct name of ‘sebum), have many...

Hair today, more tomorrow!

When you need glasses, you see an optician.  When you have toothache, you see a dentist.  And when you have hair loss, you see a trichologist – and Pembrokeshire finally has one. Trichology is a branch of dermatology that focuses on disorders of the hair and scalp and...

Hair Clinical Launches Revolutionary New Product for Children with Alopecia

There is nothing that motivates us more than helping a child with alopecia to get their hair back. We have been amazed by the numbers of young children who silently endure the loss of their hair.  In most cases, doctors are confounded by this devastating condition,...

Hair care for lockdown hair

Lisa Thomas, Consultant Trichologist at Hair Clinical gives us some self-care tips for your hair during lockdown. Our hair says a lot about us.  It gives us, in part, our confidence to face the world, our image and our identity.  To do all this, our hair has to put up...

Hair Transplants done the right way

Hair Clinical brings you a bespoke hair transplant and aftercare solution to enable the change you will love to see

Hair Clinical Opens with a Bang!

With our member of Parliment, Hair Dressers, Pharmacists, G.P.’s, a Nutritionist, Beauticians, friends and family present, Hair Clinical opened with a bang!

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