Your Hair Transplant

Your Hair Transplant Process

Your First Step

In advanced cases of male of female pattern balding (androgenetic alopecia) or in some cases of other types of alopecia, a hair transplant may be a solution for you. 

At Hair Clinical we offer a specialist hair transplant diagnosis, referral and after-care service for our patients.  This is thanks to our valued relationships with carefully selected, highly regarded, specialist hair transplant surgeons here in the UK.

Hair Clinical Hair Loss Clinic Pembrokeshire healthy hair

The Diagnosis

Initially, you will meet with Lisa (our Consultant Trichologist) at our Hair Clinic in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.  We know that hair loss is often incredibly difficult to talk about and we are with you all the way. 

We will carefully examine the affected areas and take magnified images with our trichoscope which are then safely stored to your file.  A full diagnosis of your condition from a qualified and approved Trichologist is essential as a starting point on your journey to hair regeneration. 

It may be that other alternatives to surgery are available within our clinic, which we will always consider first.   However, if a transplant is the best option for you, we will then chat you through the options. 

The Referral

We will then make a full referral to one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in the UK.  

It is so important that your decision to consider a hair transplant is based upon knowledge and reputation as the success of this procedure (and ultimately the result of your investment) relies upon being in competent hands.  No hair transplant is guaranteed, so we go out of our way to try and help you during this time. 

You can be assured of Lisa’s professional knowledge and care through this process. Your referral will be supported with our own written diagnosis and magnified images to help things move as smoothly as possible for you. 

Hair Clinical Hair Loss Clinic Pembrokeshire healthy hair
Hair Clinical Hair Loss Clinic Pembrokeshire healthy hair

The Aftercare

We don’t believe that it stops at the transplant. We want you to get the very best aftercare. 

Once your transplant is complete, it is imperative that you receive the correct aftercare to help limit the possibility of infection and to make sure that your new hair grows in the early months – when implanted hair grafts can be especially fragile.  

We are fully trained and experienced in aftercare saline washes and our own specialist Hair Clinical range of ultra-mild products will be invaluable to your success.  Once again, you will benefit from Lisa’s expert knowledge and assessment of your progress which will prove reassuring and invaluable. 

Lisa may also recommend in-clinic laser treatment over the months that follow which is proven to greatly assist the healing, growth and thickening of your new hair.  

Whatever you need on your transplant journey, you can relax with Hair Clinical, knowing that we are on your side and with you all the way. 

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